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Vocational Training

Vocational Training Programs are one of the key elements to help break the cycle of poverty for individuals, families and communities, basic education is important but with out the skills necessary to get a paying job people will go back to the same lifestyle they were born in to. Learning specific vocational skills give people the ability to quickly get good paying jobs. Through educational programs for both older boys and girls, young people are provided with the skills needed to both support themselves in the existing workplace and to help support the further growth of the local community.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation helps support and develop several areas of vocational training, including computer technology, carpentry, electrical and plumbing trade training, auto mechanic, diesel motor specialists, sewing and clothing design. Training is provided using local skilled workers as teachers. The graduates of these programs pass on their skills by either taking on apprentices or coming back to help teach at new training centers as they spread throughout the area.

The existence of the Vocational Training Programs not only provides the skills needed to make a living for the young people who attend, it provides motivation to the children in school to continue on in their education & illustrates that there are many ways that they can use the knowledge they are gaining.