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Essential Childrens Nutrition


While we recognize that optimal health and nutrition should be supported by a balanced diet, the reality is that most children in the regions that the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation works in have not had that nutritional background. To help these children build a healthy body while area projects create the infrastructure that will allow them and future children to receive the diets they need, the Foundation provides supplemental Nutritional Kits.


An analysis is made of the nutritional needs, and specific regional deficits in diet, for each area that the Foundation works in. This information is used to address long-term dietary education and nutritional planning (linked with agricultural projects and nutritional / health education); it is also used to evaluate the best way to offer immediate nutritional support to the local children with targeted supplements – including vitamins, minerals, Ayurvedic and other herbal formulas. Specialized supplement kits are then provided to children through the Bodhi Tree Schools, and to children and expectant mothers at the Community Health Centers.


By supporting the immediate nutritional needs of the children we increase their ability to benefit from the other projects we initiate, their ability to learn to care for themselves and to help care for others, and begin to reverse a long standing trend of nutritional deficiency and disease which is endemic in the poor rural areas of India.