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Where We Work

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation supports and helps develop multi-faceted educational programs for children and their families in the villages around the region of Bodhgaya and Northern India.

The Northern state of Bihar India is one of the poorest areas in whole country of India. Bodhgaya is located in the state of Bihar and covers an area of 249 square kilometers and contains 139 villages.

Bodhgaya is the most important of the main four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha, In 2002, the MahaBodhi Temple, located in Bodhgaya, became selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bodhgaya is the place where Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha reached enlightenment while meditating underneath the Bodhi Tree. Since early in the history of Buddhism it has been a sacred place of pilgrimage and attracted pilgrims from all over the world.

The main monastery of Bodhgaya is called the MahaBodhi Temple. The main focus of activity is around the Bodhi Tree under which the historical Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment. Every year thousands of people from every country in the world journey to visit this sacred site.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation serves as the integral link between the modern world and the villages around Bodhgaya that have been living in poverty for multiple generations.

We have taken the name Bodhi Tree for our Educational Foundation, because the Bodhi Tree is an international symbol of compassion, wisdom and peace.


Global Prayer For Peace in Bodhgaya

Dwariko Sundrani founding directors of the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation is Mahatma Ghandis last living student.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation organized a Global Prayer for Peace and Harmony ceremony at our Bodhi Tree School Campus in Bodhgaya. The program was organized under the leadership of Dwariko Sundrani, one of the founding directors of the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation and is Mahatma Ghandis last living student. The prayer was to mark Martyr Day in India; this is the day when Gandhi - advocate of nonviolence and crusader for humanity - was shot. India observes this as Martyr day. The program was attended by many people, including the Ven. Monk and Ex-Member of Parliament Dharmavireo; the Ven. Tenzing Lama as the Representative of His Holiness The Dalai Lama; Bhante Anand, the secretary of the International Buddhist Council; many monks also attended the ceremony.

Here are some brief comments from a few of our esteemed guests about the the program and the work being done by the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation:

"I deeply appreciate and reason the name of school Bodhi Tree. It sounds to be a divine inception to bring education on the base of practical spirituality.. I pledge my support and find strong reason to work closer with this organization.. I am 81 year old and I say you people that you are doing the best job in the region. .. We swear that we would help this school being the venue of love and education."

"We have come to administer the prayer and blessings to the school. Believe me, I feel blessed rather to be here. Thank you Dwariko and Dhirendra. I deeply appreciate the the name and pledge to be one of the humble members forever. I appreciate Dhirendra who works in close association with Dwariko. I adore the infrastructure, kids and greenery of the campus. Be advised, I am the one who is blessed to be here. The honor is mine and blessings for all of you."

"I dearly thank all of you for such a great community creativity. I encourage us to stay blessed and inspired. May this Bodhi Tree School reach all villages. Joyful blessings to you all and thank you Dwariko for this."