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Maternal & Child Health Education


Maternal and child health education form the foundation of early childhood development. A healthy child begins with a healthy mother, and a healthy pregnancy. We begin with offering health care services and maternal health education to the women of the villages. Medical complications from pregnancy are the leading cause of death among girls ages 15 to 19 worldwide. Education is the key to saving lifes and helping children at every stage of life.

The Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation offers courses on healthy pregnancy and safe birth practices for women. While providing the basic tools for safe birth – especially the knowledge and ability to maintain sanitary conditions – is important, even more central is a firm grasp of the mechanisms of birth and the ways to ensure safe delivery for most mothers. This, of course, includes pre-natal care as well as the understanding the process of birth and the principles behind infection control. Breastfeeding and infant care skills are also taught, to ensure that children have best opportunities for growth.

Education about health for families provides a strong foundation for self-care in the community. We also provide community clinics to increase access to the information and supplies needed to keep children healthy. These clinics also serve as opportunities for further training as local people become skilled health care workers, taking care of their fellow villagers and developing career skills that will help support their families.