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Community Schools

Education is a cornerstone of sustainable development. Without a self-perpetuating tradition of education a community is dependant on outside sources to continue to grow and flourish, and is always at risk of losing the progress it has made if the outside support is withdrawn. For this reason, we place a great deal of importance on our Community School projects.



More than just another school, initiated and maintained by outside influences, we strive to create a learning center that gives to and receives from the community it is part of. Beginning with literacy and basic education for children, Community Schools widen their field of influence by offering programs for adults as well as children; by becoming centers for the sharing of knowledge between community members; and by creating future generations of teachers – both in the formal school setting, and as parents or mentors in daily community life.

Both academic and vocational training is offered through Community Schools. Academics are taught to a high level, providing students with the base needed to succeed in competitive work fields or further schooling. Vocational programs expand the skilled work force, creating both workers and jobs that support and enhance the local region. Extra-curricular activities encourage well rounded personal development, supporting growing minds with healthy bodies and a strong sense of grounding in tradition and culture, as well as inspiration from the advances of modern life.