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Safe Birthing & Clean Delivery Kits



While birth is a natural process, that does not generally require medical intervention, it is still one that is fraught with danger for women and infants around the world. Some 1,600 women per day die from complications associated with pregnancy or childbirth, and infection is a leading cause. Over 950,000 newborns per year die from infections.

Birthing is still done at home in the outlying villages, most infections are easily preventable by use of basic hygiene practices – and the reason that the Bodhi Tree Education Foundation provides both Clean Delivery Kits and the information about how and why to use them to the women in the communities we are part of.

A simple small package, the Clean Delivery Kit contains a clean plastic liner to put under the birth area, a sterile blade and string for cutting the umbilical cord, and soap to wash well before and after the birth.  A pictorial instruction sheet is included, as a reminder of the information about the birth process and how to use the materials in the Kit. Nothing fancy, and yet it is enough to save thousands of lives every year.

And the more women who safely deliver their babies, the more women who experience the realities of infection avoidance in birth, the more women there will be who can help their sisters or neighbors or daughters to have safe births as well. The Clean Delivery Kit begins a cycle of health and well being that stretches much farther than the home it is used in.