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Traditional Birth Attendant Training


Birth is a natural process, and women have been assisting one another as they deliver their babies for untold generations. In keeping with this traditional way of birthing, the Bodhi Tree Educational Foundation offers Birth Attendant Training to all interested women in the communities it is part of.

By combining traditional wisdom with modern healthcare knowledge, women learn how to best support the birthing mothers of their own villages. From the basics of having a firm understanding of the birth process and an appreciation of the importance of cleanliness in preventing dangerous infections for both mother and child, to knowledge of positioning and other birthing practices that help birth go safely and smoothly,  to recognizing when there are serious complications and what can be done to help while further assistance is sought – a birth attendant is trained to offer as much support in a home birth as is possible.

Trained birth support is recognized as reducing delivery complications, and each woman who is so supported throughout her own delivery becomes more able to support others in the future. Birth Attendants may also become interested and empowered to move on to further training and learn midwifery skills that will benefit more of the women of their community.